PVA Blog Buy Script

PVA Blog Buy Script

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Guest/General Features:

-Discover posts - Any visitor can see all the posts sorted from newest to oldest

-Read posts - Any visitor can read posts and can share them

-Read comments - Any visitor can read comments

-Show Profiles - Any visitor can see user profiles

-Contact - Any visitor can contact you

-Several languages

User/General Features:


-Acitivate account


-Forgotten password

-Edit profile - Any member can change their profile, he can change his full name, email address, the addresses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, personal web-site, password and other information

-Gallery  -All photos uploaded by a user are saved in a unic folder. The folder has a limited space set by admin

-Follow - Once a member follows another member, when the followed member posts, that member receives notifications

-Add new posts - Any member can post an article. ()

-Add comments - Any member can post comments

-Edit pots - Any member can edit their posted article

-Manage comments - A member who wrote an article can delete, approve, disapprove comments posted on that article

-Delete posts - Any member can delete their posts

-Delete comments - Any member who posted a comment can delete it

-User Points

If this system is active users earn points:

-For creating a new post

-For deleting a post

-For commenting any post

-For deleting a comment

-For reacting on any post

-For when your post gets a reaction

Points can be converted into money

-any member sees how many points he has

-any member sees how much money is worth his points

-any member can withdraw money if he has the minimum withdrawal amount

-any member can see the history of his withdrawals


When a member is followed he is notified

When a member's post receives reactions, he is notified

When a member follows another member and the follower posts, the following member is notified

(This system prevents spam. Once a notification is sent once, the same notification can no longer be sent)

These notifications can also be received by members by Email and with Push Notifications if the system is activated.

Admin Features:

-Edit posts

-Delete posts

-Delete comments


-Edit Pages (terms, privacy)


-Categories (Add new category, edit categories)



--Enable/Disable system

--Points earn/lose users for every action

--Change Currency

--Points For one Currency:

--Minimum withdraw:


-Website Live (onn, off)




--Max Posts/Hour

--Max Comments/Hour:

--Delete Max Posts/Hour:

-And many more


PVABlog requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+, MYSQL PDO.

Before install PVABlog please make sure that PHP extensions allow_url_fopen(), mail()) and mod_rewrite are enabled on your server

SSL certificate (For Push Notifications)



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